26 July, 2019

You can write the story of your life here…

by Anila Bashllari


My mentor John Maxwell once told me a story about the most precious birthday gift that he had ever received – a book with empty, white pages with only one thing written in the book cover: “Here you can write your life story”

It does not matter where you are for the moment or what you have achieved so far. You can start to write your story in this moment. Even if you are feeling hopeless, pessimist or not motivated to achieve more in your life, you can start to write a few lines – to describe how your ideal life would be… you can write it down right now even if you think such story will never come true.

It may seem as something ridiculous but it will help you discover what’s in the depths of your heart, your deepest desires and will motivate you to become what your heart desires.

Our lives are books with white pages that we fill every day. Every day we are writing our daily stories in our book of life, every day we are creating our life by our actions.

What we write in our book of life is very important and our choice only. We are the creators of our days and now it is the right time to think about how we want our life to be.

Start writing what comes to your mind right now…start asking some very simple questions..

Start Now!


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