26 July, 2019

We don’t know how to communicate…

by Anila Bashllari


Why there are so many conflicts, arguing, problems and misunderstandings in different levels from the most random to the most sophisticated ones?

The answer is simple: We don’t know how to communicate!!

Some of you will oppose or refuse my conclusion but the truth is stubborn. We don’t know how to communicate. We learn how to communicate until the age of 12 and then we stop learning how to communicate (in every level of communication). The worst thing about this is that we think (we don’t even question it) that we know how to communicate. Just because we know how to talk… But the process of communication involves many other (hidden) aspects…

Start to consider the process of communication not only as a verbal process of exchanging words but try to read between the lines. Try to identify all the times when you didn’t give the exact right answer, when the person you were talking with gave a different answer that avoided the core topic of the conversation, or when you asked unclear questions…

Start to observe and analyze a simple conversation (a Whatsapp conversation maybe) and try to see the process of communication from a bigger perspective.

The purpose of communication is to deliver the message in a very clear, fast and effective way.

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