Grow Your Business While Getting Your Life Back

Helping Business Owners Increase Bottom Line Revenue, & Gain Back Passion, Time, Freedom And Well Being

Boost Your Energy

Shift the inner critic into your inner coach by observing your thinking process, your inner chatter and emotions so that you reduce emotional outbursts and their health consequences.

Less Is More

Reduce the daily overwhelm by learning how to shift from focus to relaxation at periodic intervals so you can focus better, become more productive and more efficient.

Solution-Based Creativity

Due to routine, we often lose our creative problem-solving abilities. Learn to tune into creativity so that you bring forth a new vision that ignites motivation in your business.

Get Your Time Back

Reduce the time spent in execution by learning to build trust and train yourself to delegate effectively so that you pursue activities you’ve been putting off.

About me

During our lifetimes, we either survive or we thrive!

I learned this at a time when I had everything I ever wished for but I was struggling to bring balance in my life, to feel happy, fulfilled and fully charged.

When my life became a painful rollercoaster, I turned to the wisdom of ancient philosophy, spiritualism and holistic living as the only way to get myself out of that situation.

I started working with personal coaches and mentors. And for the first time in my life I felt so ALIVE and full of ENERGY! I was seeing my life HOLISTICALLY…

Personal Mindset Development

You are the center of your business and its growth begins from you. The business will only grow exponentially to the extent of your personal growth. As you begin to deal with fears and patterns from your past in a transformative space, you will start to get new perspectives of how to overcome your fears in ways you have never before imagined. Through one on one and group coaching, you will be led through proven brain boosting strategies to help you shift your limitation-mindset into a growth-based mindset, faster than conventional coaching practices.

Business Excellence Mindset

To create the outcomes and excel beyond your limitations, you will be guided to recognize patterns that hold you back and investigate your motivations behind why you do what you do. Through customized coaching and mentoring, you will be taken through in-depth conversations to help you develop the balance between thinking and doing. Start setting new habits and daily agendas that will help you break patterns of self sabotage, consciously create the outcomes you want and achieve your goals with the help of a personalized guide.

Living Life Intelligently

Often we think that having enough resources – i.e. financial stability, a good relationship, etc., – will lead us to living a good life, and yet we find that such thing is not true. We often live from an unhappy and unfulfilled state. True intelligence is about having a 360 degree view of your life from a holistic viewpoint such that you can see the areas of your life that are in their highest state of balance versus those that are neglected. Through coaching programs tailored to your needs, you will be coached to discover areas that are important for you at your core. Learn how to navigate through life such that it drives you to become self-motivated without compromises.

What they say about me

Vasilika Selaj

CEO – Swissline Spa Albania

“Anila helped me to remove my deepest barriers that I wasn’t aware off, barriers that were not letting me be the successful CEO I am today. Coaching and mentoring with Anila helped me and my business to grow exponentially. Working with her has been the biggest investment I have ever made for myself.”

Eriola Kokona

Director of Sales – DigitAlb

“Anila is my coach & mentor. She helped me to lead a quality life, to set priorities and has motivated me to overcome barriers and discover my potentials. She encouraged the leader inside me. Due to the great experience with her, I now have a positive mindset and live the life that I always wished!”

Ariana Basha

CEO – RE/MAX Vizion, Albania

“Anila, let me tell you that our staff has exceeded every expectation regarding the results achieved in June 2018 and in only one month we have exceeded all our targets. I truly believe that such results are no coincidence. It is a privilege for us and we are fortunate to be trained by you.”

Flutura M.

Manager, Tirana, Albania

“At the time I got in touch with Anila, I was struggling with the managerial role I was given at my company. Anila shared with me her 30+ years of experience on how to set goals and priorities, develop inner confidence and be grateful for what I have. I strongly recommend Anila as a coach and mentor.”

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Other Clients

Grow Your Business While Getting Your Life Back

Helping Business Owners Increase Bottom Line Revenue, & Gain Back Passion, Time, Freedom And Well Being