26 July, 2019

Transform your anger into reflection

by Anila Bashllari


Has it ever happened to you to get angry or feel bad by someone’s actions? Has it ever happened to you to arrange a meeting and the person did not come? It happened to me one morning. I felt very angry about the lack of respect shown by the other person.

And while I was experiencing the anger, I started to observe myself and started meditating while focusing on the blooming flowers and the trees that I was surrounded by…

I was observing my anger and its intensity… the way my body was experiencing and processing it… and in that moment I came to the conclusion that anger was an automatic response for the disappointment I felt earlier, an auto-pilot response (a taught behavior) that I wasn’t aware of in the beginning.

While observing my anger, I noticed how it started to disperse and its intensity reducing. I came with the idea that I have the power to transform this (negative) energy into something productive so I decided to write my thoughts and share this experience with you.

I started smiling because I understood the immense powers within me.

This does not mean that I forgot what the person did and how disappointed I was.

I just created a distance between me and the useless negative energy (anger) I was experiencing.

Then, I started to stare at this wonderful rose and got lost in it.

Photo by Freepik


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