26 July, 2019

How to reduce our spiritual pains (in 3 steps)

by Anila Bashllari


While I was reading some writing by the mystic poet Rumi, one of his wonderful quotes got my attention: “Pain is where the light enters”. I tried to make a connection between two contradictory words – pain and light – it seems as if these words can’t stand next to each other (at least for people who are not familiar with the principles of spiritualism).

I have been working for years with theories of Emotional Intelligence and I have been observing what pain is and our approach towards it. (I refer to spiritual pain and I didn’t use the term ‘emotional pain’ on purpose).

In my point of view, spiritual pain has to do with our memories from the past which have left marks in our brain and they occasionally get activated by their triggers (similar situations, people, things, etc).

Sometimes we mistake spiritual pain with temporary emotions which activate certain feelings that we think we have already forgotten them. I will stop comparing emotions and feelings because people in general think they are the same thing.

So, what should we do when we are experiencing spiritual pain (when our soul hurts so much)?

First, calm down and observe your pain. When we start observing it, we distance ourselves from the pain at a certain rate. Its intensity starts to reduce.

Second, accept your pain (as you do with the physical pain – when your arm or leg gets hurt). Don’t judge it.  

Third, let it fade away within time. Pain is like an ocean wave that after going up, the only thing it does is to go down.

This is what Rumi is talking about. When we observe ourselves, we raise our awareness by allowing the light (calmness) to enter inside us. Where there is light, darkness disappears.

You can share your experiences of how you deal with spiritual pain with me at anilabashllari.com

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