4 June, 2019

What really happens when we change our way of thinking

by Anila Bashllari


If you change the way you think, you will change your beliefs

All major changes in your life first start in your mind and the way you think. Beliefs are product of all your thoughts and what you believe is nothing more than a collection of thoughts that have created a fixed belief. They are not always true, so start testing your beliefs.

If you change your beliefs, you will change your expectations

Beliefs are thoughts that orient our everyday lives and create our limits. We think of a goal and evaluate if we can achieve it or not. If we believe that we won’t succeed, we don’t even start taking action. If we believe that we can’t achieve, we literally won’t achieve that goal. But, what happens when we truly believe that we CAN achieve a certain goal, even why we might have never tried it before? Henry Ford said once: “If you believe you can achieve it or not, in both cases you are right”.

Stop putting limits on your life and start believing that you can achieve your goals. At least try it.

When we change our expectations, we change our behavior patterns

Expectations shape our behavior. If our expectations are not realistic (very high or very low) we often get disappointed and suffer emotionally, we lack motivation to achieve the goals and we don’t have a realistic view on the world. Such behavior becomes a habit and we feel stuck and unable to achieve our goals.

When we change our behavior, we change our performance

Most of the people prefer living with old beliefs and concerns rather than entering new and unexplored terrains which can bring new solutions to old problems. When we change the way we behave towards a problem, we start seeing new opportunities and solutions and our performance changes too. When we change our behavior and have clear expectations, we feel more encouraged to change our lives in the desired direction. If we change our daily performance, our life has changed forever.

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