4 June, 2019

Stop lying to yourself!

by Anila Bashllari


I can’t do it! Even if I decide to do it, I don’t know how! I don’t have money! I don’t have time! I don’t have the right skills! It’s not the right time! I will do it one day! Etc. etc.Don’t we say all these excuses or procrastination when we want to reach or dream for being somewhere, be someone, do something, have what we dream and want? What hold us back to reach what we want? The answer is simple: all lies we tell to ourselves!

Isn’t this ridiculous? We lie ourselves?
No way!

I am so straight ahead, but it is so true! To help you in understanding this, recall the last time you wanted to do something, and immediately you were able to find all reasons-excuses why it was difficult, not possible or you postpone for later. Why it happened? Because you lied yourself! It is impossible for you to get stuck without your will-full participation or ignorant cooperation in order to move ahead. You did either choose consciously not to take any decision (because all the lies you told yourself, pretending being true) and as result an action or you were ignorant due to total lack of what next step was.

Or even worse… You allowed other people’s opinion to do your job – thinking and finding the solution. The truth is that you are resourceful and you know the answer. What interfere here is your lies or the fact that you bought to others lies. We get used to believe our thoughts as being true, without challenging them. You can reach what you want, knowing your sweet spot, the place where your talents and genius stand. My mentor tells me that when you fight against the willingness to do it, you fight against the willingness to have it. Do you see the pattern and the learning model? We must will to do what it takes in order to have what we want!

Stop telling yourself lies, and start to believe that you are resourceful, because anytime you have wished and wanted something you were able to have it by DOING things, whatever it took. It is a simple math:

Willingness to do things + Doing things = What we want

It does not have any other way. Instead of thinking, I don’t have money to do it (e.g open a new business) ask the question, How can I have the money needed to start it? How can I create them? Where should I look for partnership? Do bank offer money for start ups? What else can I do? These are open questions that stimulate the brain for answers and seeking the direction to get them. Or, instead of saying I don’t have time you can replace with the questions:

How can I make time?

What do I need to stop doing that don’t serve me in order to allow more time for doing it?

What if I wake up early and gain some time? Etc. etc.

The point is that you are so resourceful but we get used to tell lies to ourselves. Stop lying yourself and start doing! You will really get what you want.

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