5 June, 2019

4 Human Dimensions: A Holistic view

by Anila Bashllari


How many dimensions we have as human beings? I am not talking about the conscience levels. When I heard for the first time that we as human beings live in four dimensions, I started to think intentionally about this. I came to realize that we function in the four dimensions:

  1. Physical
  2. Mental
  3. Emotional
  4. Spiritual

A – When referring to the physical dimension, I am talking about our physical body as we know it. Our bodies need food, water, oxygen, physical exercises and vitamins in order to function properly.

B – As for our emotional dimension (our inner self), we need to 1- know our emotions and be able to identify them; 2- to express them properly; 3- to be our authentic selves; 4- to forgive our self and others even why this can be difficult; 5- to understand why we are experiencing certain emotions and how to express them in a careful way. I would say that 90% of the health problems we face come from our emotional and mental state, in other words “stress”.

C – Our mental body needs to develop through education, work, the use of imagination and visualization; to generate positive thoughts and practice the “mental muscles”. Our mind is 24/7 active and this is the reason why meditation helps in relaxing and making it clear, focused and prepared to achieve our goals.

D – Our spiritual body needs attention and the proper food, which is totally different from the food we give to our physical or mental bodies. Our spiritual dimension needs to connect to the creator or the source of life through prayer and adoration; to be elevated when we serve people and our communities (contributing for others and the world is one of the most important elements for our spiritual wellbeing if we want to grow and develop spiritually). Our souls need to be fed with love and kindness and this is why we feel good when we are in nature, when we hear music or admire art works because we feel the love and contribution the artist has poured in the art piece.

When all these dimensions are coordinated and in harmony with each other, we experience our peak performance both in our personal and professional lives. In order to be healthy and in harmony with others and ourselves, we need to take care of our body’s needs in four dimensions, in a holistic way.

Let’s challenge ourselves with a new concept about our health. Treat your body in a holistic way and it will reward you!


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