4 June, 2019

Why are you rushing for?

by Anila Bashllari


Most of the people rush every day… they rush to reach a destination, whatever it may be. Some are rushing to graduate, some are rushing to find a good job or to finish a study, some are rushing to buy a beautiful house or the car of dreams, some are rushing to have their vacations in some exotic place, some are rushing to buy their second or third houses…ect.

Be brave, take new steps towards success but never forget to be in the now, never forget to enjoy what you have already achieved. Our brains can feel and experience the exciting moments when we achieve success, no matter how small they may be, by releasing pleasure hormones that motivate and encourage us to move forward.

We all know where we are heading to, we all know our “last destination” but we always forget that we are running towards it. Wouldn’t it be better if we would keep moving forward and achieving success but always remembering that we should enjoy the moment, we should enjoy the goods that we possess ‘in the now’ without thinking “what about the next step”?

When you find yourself in the middle of a routine day, stop in the middle of the street and take a look at what surrounds you… listen to the birds signing, smell the aroma of a flower, try to feel the power of the moment.

Be happy that life is happening around you, enjoy the smile that a stranger may give you, say “Good morning” to someone who might be waiting in line next to you.

Sometimes you have to ditch your week schedule and take a day off! Spend this day doing something for which you always complain that “you don’t have time to do it”. Find time to meet your friends, take a lone walk in the evening, buy yourself something beautiful.


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