5 June, 2019

Inspiration or despair?

by Anila Bashllari


Change is always difficult for us. If we change something in our lives, we face two kinds of situations:

When someone inspires us, we start to look for the “why” of change inside of us and are prone to think and act in a way that will eventually bring change. But such case does not happen often because most of people change when they are feeling despair and when they have reached a point they have nothing to lose. This is why they start to change.

What holds us back that we can’t precede change?

I would use one word that many of us misunderstand: Ignorance – The lack of knowledge or information in a certain field and in this case the lack of knowledge in the field of personal development.

Many people focus on the skills they need to be called professionals and forget the personal skills they need to change themselves – the values and mental models we operate with.

I didn’t invent this. This has been said over and over again by personal development experts and people don’t seem to pay attention. Why? Because our brains have not been programmed to work on ourselves but it functions based on five senses which are related to the outer world and not our inner world.

In other words, we will never understand the need for personal development on an intellectual level. How can we understand this? I hope you that are reading this are not the type of person who waits for despair or an unexpected event to convince you to make changes and start growing.

The autopilot way of living is a desperate way of living life but we don’t change because the voice of our ego it’s so loud that we can’t hear the whispers of our heart and intuition. Our personal development would be easier and more effective if we would first identify the need for personal development, rather than fall into despair.


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