5 June, 2019

Never give up!

by Anila Bashllari


Have you ever been in a situation where you prepare and do everything as you should (according to your point of view) and not get the results you thought you would?

Have you ever tried again and reach the same results, without being able to reach what you really want?

You are not alone!

During a coaching session with a client I recalled the bamboo tree story and the saying “you are not alone” so I shared the following story with her:

“He felt like a loser, everything was going wrong with his life and suicide was the only option. But, at first he decided to challenge the creator and while walking alone through a forest, he asked: “Oh my Lord, can you give me only one reason about why I should continue to live?”

He remained in silence for a few minutes until he heard a low voice whispering, “Look around. Do you see the tree fern and the bamboo tree? I want you to hear their story. I planted them the same day and took care of them in the same way. I watered them and gave them sun light and oxygen but as the tree ferns started to grow and flourish, bamboo was not appearing on the land’s surface. I didn’t give up on the bamboo tree even why I was happy whenever I used to see the tree ferns grow more and more.

Two years passed and whenever I used to see the bamboo seed not sprout, I didn’t plan on giving up.

Three years passed and the bamboo seed didn’t sprout. Four years passed and nothing happened with the bamboo tree while the tree ferns were growing. “I will not give up”, I said to myself.

I will wait till the moment when I see the seed sprouting and I will take care of it so it can grow strong and healthy. The fifth year came and I went to see the place where I had put the bamboo seed. I saw a small seedling which had just appeared on the earth’s surface and within the next six months the seedling grew into a 100 meters tree. My efforts didn’t go to waste. It took five years for the bamboo tree to create and strengthen its roots so it could grow in a healthy way.”

The creator continued to explain by saying: “I would not give none of my creatures a challenge it could not bear. At the time while the bamboo tree was strengthening its roots, the tree ferns were flourishing and growing. It didn’t mean that the bamboo tree was a failed project and that the tree ferns were successful. Everything takes its time and our duty is to do everything that we think needs to be done and to have the patience it takes to wait for the results of our work.”

A simple story from our mother nature that provides great insights and makes us reflect on our experiences.

When do we feel like we failed? When do we feel that things are not going as planned? How are we comparing ourselves to others and making ourselves feel incapable? Are we hardworking and patient enough?

Reflect on your life and you will find similarities with the story you just read. As the bamboo tree takes its time, so you and your projects need their time to grow, become better and achieve what you want. Prepare, work hard and always try to reach your goals.

Never Give Up!


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