26 July, 2019

How to start changing ourselves RIGHT NOW

by Anila Bashllari


For us human beings, change is very difficult. This is true for everyone but not all of us experience the same level of difficulty.

We resist change because we are born like this. Our brains have been programmed to avoid and resist change (and this hasn’t changed much in thousands of years).

Transformation starts only when we start to change… but why the majority of people resist change? Because our brains don’t like it, they have been programmed to sabotage change.

The solution? To know ourselves and the way we function if we want to achieve our potential. I will make a parallelism with the car. Racing pilots have to know everything about their cars in order to achieve the maximum results. What about us? We drive a car that we know so few things about… Change and transformation would be easier if we would know ourselves and our brains more.

If we will consider change as part of the growth process, than it will be easier for us to experience it and change would happen more naturally. Science is revealing facts that other beings have conscience too. We can learn from nature just by observing it. Just the process of observing would help us develop a higher level of being aware.

We often really love to change but we resist it automatically. For example, you want to start the gym but you are lazy about it. You start telling yourself excuses that you don’t have time, that you have to send your children to kindergarten, that the gym is not near to your house, etc.

It’s not your fault that you resist for as long as you are a slave to your brain.

Why do I say this?

Because your brains’ primary function is to protect by keeping you in your comfort zone and to not allow change. It is the brain who has decided to resist and not you!

In order to overcome this challenge, you have to be aware of brain tricking you to remain in the comfort zone. You have to be very intentional about what you want to achieve. You have to discover the WHY behind the reason you want to do a certain thing.

I will suggest you a very simple exercise that I would recommend you to do it even when if you don’t feel motivated (I will refer to the above example of going to the gym).

If you catch yourself wanting to go at the gym but on the other side you are experiencing resistance (by focusing on other things, by bringing up excuses, etc.), just try to put your sportswear on and sit in your couch.

What will happen with your way of thinking after this action?

You can share your thoughts, feelings or experiences with me and I can provide extra information about this. Write me at: anila@anilabashllari.com

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