Does Emotional Intelligence affect in creating and having a successful life, career or business? Yes, A LOT! Nowadays, successful businesses and corporations have included Emotional Intelligence in their employment, promotion, leadership and employee development processes.

The increase of emotional intelligence will help you to focus your energies into measurable results and is a core element for developing and having other important skills such as self discovery and management, in the improvement of communication skills and in developing your social intelligence.

Emotional intelligence affects in almost everything that you think, feel, communicate, in the decisions you take as a consequence of desired results or not…



The one day training on Emotional Intelligence focuses on:

  1. Explanation of Emotional Intelligence
  • Program Presentation
    • Report between IQ and EI
    • Knowing, understanding and processing information
  1. Why is Emotional Intelligence important and which are today’s tendencies in corporations and businesses?
  2. How to increase Emotional Intelligence by:
  • Increasing the level of self awareness
    • Self management
    • Increasing the level of social awareness
    • Management of relationships with others

The training program is structured in such a way to offer all participants the right tools and strategies in order to achieve success in their personal life, career and business.