What are your plans about the future? What do you want to achieve?








  • Do you want to be successful and achieve your goals?
  • Do you want to create a work – life harmony?
  • Do you want to be loving parents and learn how to raise healthy children (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually)?
  • Do you want to discover yourself and your passions?
  • What else do you want?

I can’t promise you everything but I assure you that your life will change in the right direction after participating in a group coaching.

  • Group coaching is an active and dynamic conversation that encourages and supports your change
  • Group coaching means “share of experiences with others similar to you”
  • In a group coaching, the group energy plays an important role in each member’s motivation

You can apply for my group coaching programs and start them at any time, based on the month’s main topic.

Every month, I choose to hold group coaching sessions on topics related to your daily challenges such as stress management, work-life harmony, how to raise productivity at work, how to communicate better, etc.