The purpose of Executive Coaching

Individual Coaching gets applied in all the leading levels and is unlimited. It aims to become the individual aware of all her/his potential and guide on how to use them.

The purpose of executive coaching is not to give advice or teach several practices that can be applied in order to increase efficiency and climb the career ladder… on the contrary! Executive coaching is all about experiencing a radical change in the way a high profile executive sees her/himself and the reality. It is about expansion and uncovering the immense power that lies within all of us, about creating and maintaining a holistic balance in life (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) and to live a dynamic life full of energy, commitment and fulfilled in many dimensions.

The purpose is about applying a three dimensional coaching (coach – executive – organization) because when executives grow, the organization they lead grows as well. This type of coaching also has tremendous positive effects in the executive’s personal life.

Executive Coaching one-to-one (1:1) sessions are held in the form of a well structured conversation, with measurable indicators and in full service of the individual and the organization he/she works for.

During the coaching sessions, together we identify the strong points and the challenges the leader faces, with the aim to increase the person’s performance and the leadership abilities at an exponential rate, by focusing on:

  • Clear vision, clearly defined goals and objectives
  • The right steps in order to ensure a continuous growth in leadership abilities
  • The triangle: The person’s goals – the organization’s results – the person’s long term personal development.