In a hyper-connected, complex, unstable and ever changing world, the needs of people to discover and grow our inner potential has increased. We want to know our personal values and to synchronize them with our work environment; we need to improve communication and team work; to identify and praise talents, motivate staffs for a higher performance, etc.

In order to achieve all these, we need to expand our knowledge in order to understand and optimize the way we function as human beings in all our dimensions.

Effective communication in the workplace (and not only) is a very important element for achieving success as a person or organization.

In the “Effective Communication” 1 day training, participants learn 12 strategies that, if applied, increase their effectiveness in every type of communication. In this training, we focus on what really means to communicate and how to communicate effectively.

The expected results from the training are:

  • Stress reduction (which has a direct effect in lowering the productivity and causing fatigue)
    • Significant knowledge of a mindset that encourages effective communication 360 degrees with executive levels, colleagues and employees.
    • The understanding of the information scheme between the sender and the receiver, and the reasons why often we face misunderstandings and conflict in communication.
    • The participants will get to know their values and will evaluate if they match the values of the company they work for.
    • The understanding of the importance of active listening and its role in having an effective communication.
    • The participants will understand the importance of speaking clearly, short and calmly, with kindness and an open mind. In this way, they will strengthen their communication skills in their workplace and not only.
    • The creation of a stronger and more collaborative teamwork.
    • The improvement of client support service in order to increase sales and the number of loyal customers.
    • The learning of advanced mindfulness techniques in order to relax the brain, lower stress levels and have a better and more effective communication at work and in the daily life.
    • The learning of Meditation techniques and their positive effects.