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The First Step Is Always The Most Difficult One

Never step back when facing something new. Success means taking the first step because even if you fail you will learn how to do it better the next time.

Never Give Up!

As the bamboo tree takes its time, so you and your projects need their time to grow, become better and achieve what you want. Prepare, work hard and always try to reach your goals.

The Concept of 1%, the Key to Success

The concept of 1% means that if we contribute only by 1% in improving ourselves during one day, we will contribute by 365% in our personal growth in a year.

Some Success Stories...

Anila helped me to remove my deepest barriers that I wasn’t aware off, barriers that were not letting me be the successful CEO I am today. Coaching and mentoring with Anila helped me and my business to grow exponentially. Working with her has been the biggest investment I have ever made for myself.

Vasilika Selaj

CEO - Swiss Line Spa Albania

At the time I got in touch with Anila, I was struggling with the managerial role I was given at my company. Anila shared with me her 30+ years of experience on how to set goals and priorities, develop inner confidence and be grateful for what I have. I strongly recommend Anila as a coach and mentor.

Flutura M.

Manager, Tirana, Albania

Anila, let me tell you that our staff has exceeded every expectation regarding the results achieved in June 2018 and in only one month we have exceeded all our targets. I truly believe that such results are no coincidence. It is a privilege for us and we are fortunate to be trained by you.

Adriana Basha

CEO - Remax Vizion Albania

When I started working with Anila, my perspective started to shift towards a success mindset. I quit my 9-5 job and launched two new businesses in the hospitality field, in a very short time. Anila is helping me to achieve my dreams and I am growing in every aspect. Anila, I can't thank you enough!

Aurora Bakaj

CEO - Aurora Group