Still without goals for the New Year?


Success is crucially related to the clarity of our goals and what we really want to achieve.

Life becomes wonderful when we set clear goals about what we want, when we write a detailed plan for achieving our goals and when we “sweat” every day to achieve them. There is no other formula!

The first step is reflection on the year we left behind about what worked and what not, what we could have done differently to achieve better results and what can we change and improve.

The purpose of reflection on the past year’s achievements it is not to criticize ourselves or to feel bad about the poor results (which are a product of the way we think and what we believe). The main reason of reflection is to analyze with an open mind every action and the outcomes, to list all our achievements and what we need to do to achieve all our goals this year. Reflect on what needs to change and improve in all the aspects of your personal and professional life.

Make a balance of the year we left behind (achievements, lessons you learned, incomes – expenses, self management, et cetera) because it will be hard to have a clear picture of where you are at the moment if you don’t analyze every aspect of your life.

Second step is defining a list of objectives that you want to achieve for the New Year. These objectives can be the same as the last year’s ones or entirely new, depending on your current situation. To do this, you can use the “10 objectives” method by writing down the 10 most important objectives that you want to achieve.


New Year Objectives:












Personally, I use three main categories for writing down my objectives:

Health and Fitness                      Relationships                          Finances
If this seems too complicated for you, just write down 10 objectives that you want to achieve without focusing on how you will achieve them because old beliefs and limits will pay you a visit and censure your life goals.  

Think as every goal is very possible to achieve (don’t judge yourself about your goals because you will limit them). Growth happens only out of your comfort zone. NEVER FORGET THIS!



  1. Write them in the present tense, as if they have already been achieved: for example: my annual incomes realized by the end of the year are xxx amount. Our subconscious mind reads everything we command our brains in the present tense.
  2. Write goals with a positive attitude, as positive affirmations. For example: “I am healthy and vital” instead of writing “My goal is not to get sick during this year”.
  3. Write your goals in the present tense, start the sentences with “I”
  4. Identify the barriers you need to surpass in order to achieve your goals
  5. Identify the skills, knowledge and information you need to have in order to achieve what you want.
  6. Compile an action plan by defining the deadlines and the people that can help you achieve what you want.
  7. Start implementing your plan.
  8. Practice brainstorming about all the best ways you can achieve your goals (answer the question “how can I achieve that goal?”. Write down all the answers that come to your mind and don’t underestimate any of them.
  9. Develop the self discipline habit. You have to do all the work; no one will do it for you.
  10. Practice visualization as a tool to achieve what you want with a positive attitude. Visualization is a scientific technique used by athletes.
  11. General rule: goals should be SMARTER
  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time bound
  • Readjust

After you list 10 most important goals that you want to achieve, ask yourself this question: which of the goals I have listed, will have to most important positive impact in my life right now? The answer will help you define the most important goal you need to focus in achieving right now.

By creating such strategy for the New Year you are creating all the premises for success.

The next step: think of what you can do today in order to get closer to achieving your goals? Every single day counts!

This plan might seem so simple but the most difficult part of it is implementation. Give your goals and dreams a chance, you will soon see the results.

Photo credits: Visual Hunt

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