How to protect yourself from negative information


Studies in the field of neuroscience continue to reveal surprising and new facts about our brains. Studies on how violence affects our behaviors confirm that people who watch movies with violent scenes can experience anxiety emotional states continually. Such states can transform into long term traumatic memories and affect these peoples’ lives tremendously.

The best way to protect your brains from the negative information (for example, the negative news he hear on TV every day), is to change the way you get information. Instead of watching a crime scene on the news, choose to read the newspaper – the negative news will affect less in your brain.

If you can, you can eliminate the negative news on TV by just choosing to not watch them.

Be careful and intentional about the information you and your children get when you sit in front of TV.

Be careful to situations or information that can cause anxiety or stress even when you are not aware of that.

People who notice that their emotional states get affected by the negative news they hear on TV, should immediately start eliminating the time they spend watching news, especially during the first hours of the day and the hours before sleep.

There is another technique you can use to reduce the effect of bad news into your brain: for every minute that you spend watching or thinking about a negative news, spend 3 other minutes thinking about a positive thought – your most positive memories, a funny situation, etc.


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