The Monsters Inside Us


For many years I used to read how people created end-year resolutions and objectives. I thought this was a wonderful thing. How smart those people were! People who started each new year organized and with plans. This was just the beginning for me.

In the past years I have met many individuals who had created wonderful objectives and goals to achieve for the new year… but…

Let me share a story with you: In 2013 I started my own consulting business on personal and professional development and I created a great plan with many objectives to achieve in the upcoming year. I felt so proud when 2014 started about the plan I had created but things didn’t go as planned even why I worked hard, I was passionate about what I was doing and dedicated to achieve my goals. I had many desires and good purposes… until the moment I came to realize that this was not enough to achieve my goals.

I kept asking myself “why?”

It took me time and effort to understand what I was doing wrong.

New beginnings have old enemies! What? What are these enemies?

I know you may feel very confused right now, but wait until you learn what these enemies are. They are invincible but real and very hard to believe their existence.

Such enemies are invincible because we are not aware of their existence. They are real because we manifest them, we demonstrate them in our actions and by the way we think.

They appear as our best thoughts but unfortunately they are only barriers to a better way of thinking. Our enemies feel secure and have solid roots because we have operated with them for years. We are convinced that they are here to help us.

They are able to win battles with our dreams and goals, they are able to lower our motivation.

If you are not able to see them like most of people, if you continue to ignore the earlier programming of your brain, you will continue to sabotage your actions and the desired outcomes every single day, no matter the goals you create for yourself.

This is more than obvious because people manifest it every day. I used to be a slave of my beliefs too, until the day I learned how to reprogram and retrain my “software program” (my brain and mind) in order to achieve what I really wanted to achieve.

I was ready to pay the price! I chose a personal coach and worked with myself for years by confronting my old beliefs and limits. I ended up creating a new me before creating New Year goals.

You can take my words into consideration or not. It is up to you and how much you want to achieve in your life. Don’t make unconscious choices like most of people. Your intelligence quotient, your background education, your degrees and diplomas have nothing to do with being aware. The irony is that the best choices are made when we are conscious and aware of what we are doing and what consequences our actions will have. The best choices are made when we believe our intuition and believe that everything will go as planned.

If we are not aware, all our fears and doubts will come to the surface and we will open the theatre courts of the monsters that hide inside of us: our beliefs! Beliefs are the most powerful force that controls us and we are not aware of this fact.

Anytime we create new goals, our monsters start disturbing our thoughts. Why? Because we are programmed in the wrong way.

Alan James says: “If you fail to go within, you will go without”. A very true and philosophical saying.

Before you write down your New Year goals, work on yourself by examining the way you think and the results you want will manifest.

You don’t need my help to do this, because you can continue living with successes and disappointments as you have done so far. But, if you want to make big steps and achieve your dreams, I will be here to help you. Let’s walk together!

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