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My clients are successful individuals who seek to explore beyond what they already know about themselves and therefore success becomes their natural state of being. It is my clients, who, through the word of mouth do the best marketing for me as a personal coach and my trainings. I work with a limited number of individuals and mostly through references from my clients.  I decide whether a person is available to work with me after a friendly conversation where we get to know each other briefly.

If you are seeking to know your inner self and to explore and discover what we can do together to improve the way you think, you can contact me through this contact form. Before we decide if we really want to work together, I would be happy to know more about you through the below questions:

What type or training are you interested in?

1. What do you want from personal coaching?

2. What are your biggest fears for the next steps you are planning to take?

3. How do you know that you are ready for coaching?


1. Who referred you?

2. What do you know about coaching?

3. Provide your Skype address

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