The First Step Is Always The Most Difficult One

We may have heard these words many times but when starting a new journey and getting ready to make the first step, we always forget its difficult parts!

The irony is that whenever we find ourselves in similar situations or when others are starting a new venture, we always say: “The first step is always the most difficult one!”

But why do we forget when it comes to us? The answer is simple: It’s about our level of conscience. We are used to see everything from an outside point of view and it is very hard to observe ourselves.

“Everyone is prone to change everything on the outside but resists seeing what’s inside.”

When we take the first step, we feel fear and insecurity about everything. And this is normal. Our brains are here to protect us – to keep us in the comfort zone. Every step out of the comfort zone is a threat for our brains. Knowing how we function as human beings and the fears we feel every time we take a first step, we should be aware that the beginnings are always difficult at everything we do.

Have you ever noticed how you always repeat some actions; how you always sit at the same place; you always cross your arms; sleep at the same side of the bed? And every time you change your habits, you feel uncomfortable.

Imagine yourself when starting a new venture in real life. The first step is always the hardest because you get out of your comfort zone and you feel uncomfortable with new situations. But, when you are aware that this might happen, you are able to prepare yourself mentally and spiritually for the new steps and the starting part will be easier. Being aware of what might happen makes you feel more secure in yourself and your abilities.

The humankind story proves this every day! Never step back when facing something new. Success means taking the first step because even if you fail you will learn how to do it better the next time.  

Having a coach or a mentor that would help you overcome such situations would be the ideal solution. However, every time you take the first step you are gaining experience and getting out of your comfort zone.


Photo: Pixabay

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