Are you feeling stuck? The solution is at your hands!


Do you feel like you are stuck and you are not moving forward? Do you feel like everything you do is not working? Do you feel stressed and don’t know what to do? If you are in such situation, it is time to reflect!

Someone might say that we reflect all the time by thinking about what we did during the day or the previous days. My friends, this is not what I can reflection. What you are doing is judging yourself about what you did. And if you think that you are reflecting, I am sure you are doing it the wrong way. How do I know that? I take into consideration your results… If you are feeling stuck and you are not where you want to be, this tells me that your way of thinking is wrong. Maybe you focus your thinking on the negative aspects by allowing negativity to control the way you think; your decision making process and your choices. And at the end of the day you feel like a “loser”.

We can become masters of our thoughts or allow our thoughts to enslave us and our lives. When we become slaves of our thoughts, we start to play the victim. We blame everything outside of us: the government, our parents, our colleagues, and even the rain.

If you have ever found yourselves in such situations, you are not alone. I have felt the same way too. But there is solution to this although it is not an easy one. The solution comes from you and your reflection process. You have to analyze your current situation and what you want to achieve; why you want to achieve such goals and what you need to do to achieve them. The only solution is YOU. You might consider this as a cliché and you might have heard this before. We can read, hear and understand so much valuable advice but this is not enough. We have to practice the advice that helps us the most and become aware of the importance of it, of the results it brings. If you want to change, start with small steps. It is important to just start changing, no matter how slowly.

Don’t wait for magic to happen in your life… you will not become rich or have a fit body just by dreaming it. You have to work for it and start small in order to get comfortable with change and start building new habits. You have to sacrifice and make tradeoffs if you want to achieve your goals. Never give up, even when things don’t go as planned or even when you feel like a loser. The “gold mine” is only 1 meter away from you. Never give up! Feed your dreams and work hard to achieve them. Show commitment and put passion at work even if you don’t like what you do at the moment. You will soon see the results. You will soon start to feel good with yourself and gain self confidence. You will start loving what you do and you won’t even consider it as a job anymore.

There are no secrets here. The only answer is: commitment, passion, sacrifices and hard work. Become the person who will achieve what you want to achieve. Change starts with YOU. The solution is at your hands.

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