The importance of Time; I am in love with Time

by Anila Bashllari


“I have no free time”… “I am very busy”… “I have no time for anything”…

These are the catchwords and the motto of many people’s lives nowadays. But not mine! I have fallen in love with time… and don’t get surprised… it is an unconditional love.

Once I’ve been told that “Time is gold” or “The way you spend your time is more important than the way you spend your money”. Here I should say that the mistakes (the wrong way) we do in using money can be corrected but the mistakes we do in spending time cannot. Time flies and never comes back. When people used to say such sayings about time, I used to shake my head to confirm that I agreed with them but deeply I wasn’t completely convinced about it. Many years later, when I started taking my father as an example, I started to understand my rapport with time… and I felt rich. I started to respect and prioritize time, and it began to respond with the same respect. Such attitude made me feel more self-confident and it gave me the feeling of abundance. Now, I rarely use the expression “I don’t have time” since time works with me and for me.

Now I have time for everything; for myself, my family, my business, my friends and clients… in short, I live in space and time. Time itself has an unique feature; it keeps going on no matter what we want or do. The Universe has shared this value with all of us in the same quantity, which means that each individual no matter how poor or rich, male or female, young or at an old age, has in disposal only 24 hours per day, any second more or less.  Life itself is Time. Everything we do requires a certain amount of time, but the majority of people take time as granted.

When people say “I don’t have time” it sounds to me like they are saying “I don’t have money” or “I am not living”, because life for humans can be understood only in terms of time. So, how can you say that you don’t have time to live? We speak so carelessly about time and we are unaware of the way we think about it. The reason why all this happens is that we always struggle to manage our time. But how can we manage something that simply goes on continually? Regarding this, Peter Drucker would say: “We manage our selves, not our time”.

By managing our self we will create more space in our daily activity and as a consequence we will perform better and be more efficient. Self-management  starts with a proper mindset about the concept and the management of time, the report we create with it and the words we use about it (which are nothing but a reflection of the way we think).

That’s why I am very careful in investing my time. I set up priorities, I plan and take the right steps, I measure time and evaluate the situations by adjusting it and I always have enough time to do many things. If sometimes I need more time, I wake up early in the morning and I feel amazingly realized when I do many things in the first morning hours.

Start managing yourself and decide what’s important and a priority for your life and time will follow you… (Notice: I didn’t mention to set up as a priority your business or career). Time “stretches” in order to allow me to finish what I have decided to do, although in the beginning I feel I cannot do it. Time “stretches” for me, so I can always be on time. If you would ask me to describe myself in two words, I would say “always on time”. My daily activity includes family and business commitments, article writing and coffee with friends, but I still have time to work for my goals and I do this by setting up priorities. I feel lucky for having such love and respect about Time. I love my Time and I am aware of how I spend it.

I add value to it for everything I do, even by the way I feel. Time makes me happy because it is life itself. If you will ask someone about his life, look how he/she spends his/her life. Some people may say that the skill for managing time is born or inherited (and this thesis stands for some people), but according to the latest data on the neuroplasticity of the brain, we have the opportunity to create the qualities and the behaviors we want and that serve us for our lives.

Some of you may say that managing time in a place such Albania is not possible as it may be if you would live in Switzerland for example, and I totally understand you at this point. But take in consideration the fact that I too live in Albania but I’ve chosen to think different! It takes a lot of work and commitment, and I’ve worked with myself to manage time better and to have such report with time. Self-improvement can be achieved, with commitment and hard work. Try to think of time in a different way and you will feel the change, treat it with respect and you will feel respected by it, use it efficiently and you will perform better, give time your love and you will get more back.

Self-management and the management of activities that we want to do need an effective set-up.  The secret of your success hides in your daily agenda. I will close this article with my favorite quote from Jim Rohn:

“If you go to work on your plan, your plan will go to work on you.

Whatever good things we build end up building us.”

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