The concept of 1%, the key to success!

by Anila Bashllari


What is the concept of 1%, the Kaizen theory? 

“Personal growth is a marathon, not a sprint” – Many of you might have heard this saying… but what this really means? This means that success cannot be achieved within a day but we have to work hard for it, with consistence and stubbornness. If we have such approach toward the way of reaching success in a project or any challenge we have to face, success surely will c
ome to us! The more we work and are consistent, the easier will be for us to adapt the growth process to ourselves until we reach our goals.

But how can we do that? By applying the Concept of 1%! For those who don’t know what this concept is about, feel happy because this might change your life.

The concept of 1% means that if we contribute only by 1% in improving ourselves during one day, we will contribute by 365% in our personal growth in a year.

At first, it seems that we are not making progress and everything is pointless, but only if you show consistence in applying this concept, when you look back in a few months and compare the results you will be surprised! The majority of people want to improve on a specific aspect within a very short period of time and they struggle because on most cases they fail. But they are missing the whole point… you cannot improve within a day! Improvement requires its time and the concept of 1% helps us to gain good daily habits that improve us continually.

We can never change our life with a wand. The first thing to do if you really want to change something in your life, is to be aware of the fact that a certain situation or problem is a real concern to you and is affecting negatively in your life and the most important thing that comes next is to make the First Step! Making the First Step is crucial because you Start Acting to change! It doesn’t matter how small the First Step will be, just start somewhere. Start Today, start NOW! Our job is to take the First Step, the progress will come sooner than you think.

TODAY is the perfect day to start changing, not tomorrow. The future is in our head, it doesn’t exist yet. The Present is the most precious moment of our life. So, if you want to change start NOW, only by 1%. And be persistent, stubborn! Improve each day by 1% and you will see the difference very soon.

Which aspect / situation of your life you want to change?

If you want to engage in a food diet to lose weight, start reducing the food you consume only by 1% per day. If you want to have immediate results, your motivation will fade within a few days and the results will be really disappointing. Change requires its time, we have to be patient.

If you want to spend more time with the ones you love but you are always too busy to do so, just start spending 5 more minutes with your loved ones every day. 5 more minutes than usually and make it a quality time by paying attention to them. Such a small change will bring surprising results. 1% seems like a really small number but at least it’s a possible practice not matter how busy you are.  So, start from NOW!

If you start changing by only 1% in a week, you will have changed by 52% in a year. Do not neglect the concept of 1%, it will change your life. Be persistent and patient to see the REAL results!


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