It’s time to reflect!

by Anila Bashllari


We have divided time in 1 year periods, comprised of 365~366 days. Why did humans decide to use such system for measuring time and our lives? Why the calendar is an endless repeating cycle? Some of you might think that I am entering on philosophical grounds, but isn’t life itself a philosophical event?

I did this entry with a purpose on my mind. It’s time to reflect! It is time to stop and reflect at 360 degrees. Let’s reflect in three main aspects:




There are these three categories that include the most important aspects of our life. Peter Drucker said once: “After every action you make, stop and reflect. Reflection is the basis of more effective actions.”

Health – Let’s reflect on health (how healthy we feel, how much we weight at the moment, did we exercise enough, etc.).

How was your health performance during the past year? How do you feel at the moment? If you are not feeling the way you want to then you should do something to improve your health. Sometimes we postpone important checkups and other health related routines saying that we are very busy. Now it is time to do something that you haven’t done before. Start to reflect.

How important is health to you? If you are not healthy, can you do the things you like? Most of the people look after their health and body after the body stops not working properly. Otherwise, they take health for granted.

How much did you invest time for your temple (body)?

When I refer to health, my mind thinks about the way select the foods we eat, the exercises we should do, a quality sleep, keeping a hydrating body and other aspects. How many times have you felt ill after eating a non appropriate food or when having a bad sleep? You always promise yourself to take care of these things “tomorrow”, but “tomorrow” will never come if you don’t start changing the way you eat or sleep right at the moment you are feeling ill or uncomfortable.

If we don’t reflect, we are not able to evaluate the actions we take and if they had a desirable outcome or not. It is time to reflect and for new beginnings. Fortunately, every end of a month or a year encourages us to reflect and to build new habits. It’s never too late! Never!

If you want to be someone you have never been, you have to do something you have never done before. The first step is: reflect!

Relationships – Now let’s reflect on our relationships with our family, friends and colleagues.

What would you like to change or achieve in the next month or in a year in this regard? Stop for a moment, take a pen and paper and start writing the following questions:

What you be your ideal relationship with your family members (your partner, your parents, siblings and children)? There is always something to improve in your relationships. Think how the perfect relationship would be and write what needs to be fixed in order to make your vision a reality.

What would look like a perfect friendship? What are your friendship goals? How would you prefer your colleagues treat you? Describe your current relations and write the aspects that need to improve.

Change starts from you, not from others. When you change, others respond to your new behaviors differently. REFLECT!

Finances – Reflection on finances, career and business. First, evaluate your current situation. Describe where you are at the moment and where you would like to be in the next months or years. You have to first measure your situation in order to determine which aspects need to improve.

Write several options that would help you to improve your current situation and take you where you want.

Be very careful when creating your questions. A quality question gives a quality response. An honest question can give you insights about your beliefs and make you very creative.

Instead of saying “Why does this happen to me?” say “What can I do to improve this situation?” “What new skills I need to adopt in order to achieve my goals?” “What is the first and most important step I need to take?” “What resources I need to use?” et cetera.

A quality reflection can transform past experiences in valuable knowledge about yourself, the way you think and can help you to give a new dimension to your life.

Always reflect and don’t neglect this easy practice.


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