CEO of Myself

by Anila Bashllari


Have you ever thought that you could own a business? A very important business that you have to take care of, nourish and make it healthy and profitable?

The first time I heard the sentence “you are the boss of yourself”, it hit me. It made me think and I started to get Goosebumps.

I do have a business and I am the CEO of it. It is a very high responsibility but very rewarding if done properly. You might wonder what I am talking about!!!

The Business ID Number is A149121211981212118I and I invite you to brainstorm to discover where I got this number from…

I invite you to imagine a huge combination of cells with many divisions that handle very important responsibilities, and each division comprised by trillions of cells. Each and every single one of them has a very clear job to do and a lot of coordination and collaboration in order to perform functions that keep us alive and well.

Do you get any idea of what I am talking about?

I am the CEO of this system (my body). But what do I regularly do as the CEO of my company?  Through my thoughts, feelings and actions I sometimes interfere to the daily job of my cells by sending damaging information and not healthy energy. This information is memorized and transmitted to new cells and I am not aware at all that this is happening.

I am not aware that I am recreating myself every day through new cells and divided ones. I am not aware of the negative way I influence my cells. Yes, you heard me correctly. Only I can influence my structure and fabric of my body, mind and spirit.

I am the one thinking negative and toxic thoughts, and as a result, having emotional turmoil. I realized this very late… however, it is better late than never.

And the funny thing is that I always thought I knew myself very well, inside – out. Even more, I have been “pretending” that I am able to know others, too. If you are just like me, ask yourself: What does it mean to know yourself inside – out?

Now I am laughing with myself about that illusion. Why, would you ask? For a very simple reason: watch the palm of your hand and see the many cells you have and ask yourself about what they are doing… Ask yourself what do you know about how your body is working and what functions is performing right now… Then watch another person and try to understand what is happening inside and out of them.

Can you imagine that we are the CEOs of our bodies and we don’t have a clue of what is going on inside us?

Is it confusing so far? I guess it is very confusing for most and little for some of you. However, it is good when we challenge our thinking and get into the field of “We don’t know what we don’t know” because there is where magic happens.

When I realized that I was the CEO of my body and I influence it for good or bad, I started to act differently.

  • First, I started to recognize the situation and became very grateful for all the amazing work happening inside my body without me moving a finger!
  • Second, I started being mindful about my thoughts, feeling, actions and decisions;
  • Third, I forgave myself for my ignorance not knowing I was the CEO of my body;
  • I started doing a lot of inner work and being grateful for the amazing work my cells do every and each second of my life;
  • And finally, I realized that if I can hurt and damage my body (through my thoughts, feelings, actions, and decisions) I have the equivalent power to repair it.

Through raising my awareness of Who I AM and Who Does Make Me (and it is not what you might think) I started to perform better as the CEO of my body. My intention is to be an excellent CEO of my body and I know that I have a lot of work to do and it will take time but isn’t time passing through even if we don’t do anything or even worse, if we are influencing our body negatively?

Think about it and have your own Business ID Number because you are the CEO of your body, too.

Photo: Pixabay

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