Dehydration, our silent killer


Dehydration can be considered as a disease nowadays, taking into consideration the negative consequences it brings to our health. Many of us are not familiar with the effects dehydration has on our bodies, so less with its symptoms which we confuse with tiredness.

Let’s get to know the ways our bodies signal us when we are dehydrated:


  • Tiredness and weariness: Water is the most vital source for our brains and when we feel dehydrated our normal enzymatic activity star to slow down. This makes us feel tired and fatigue.
  • Digestion disorders: Lack of water and alkaline minerals like magnesium and calcium in our bodies can cause digestion disorders like ulcer and gastritis.
  • Constipation: When our body lacks water, the rectum as an organ that needs a lot of water to create the necessary liquids that our body needs, starts to process food remains in a slower way, causing constipation.  
  • Joint pain or cramp: Our joints have cartilage blisters which are comprised of water. When our brains are dehydrated, our cartilages get weak from the lack of water and the joint movement gets slower, which makes us feel pain.
  • Weight Gain: The lack of water in our bodies makes our cells lose energy and they immediately give signals to our brain. This kind of state makes people eat more food in order to replace the missing energy. In fact, the body is in need of more water in order to create the energy it needs.
  • Skin problems: Dehydrating damages the elimination of toxins through our skin and makes the skin sensitive to all types of skin problems, including premature wrinkles.
  • High cholesterol levels: a dehydrated body produces more cholesterol than usually in order to prevent the loss of water by the cells.
  • Premature aging: People, whose bodies experience dehydration often, start aging early.

My advice: Drink water as soon as you start feeling thirsty. Don’t wait until you feel very thirsty. 

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