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CEO of Myself

Have you ever thought that you could own a business? A very important business that you have to take care of, nourish and make it healthy and profitable? The first time I heard the sentence “you are the boss of yourself”, it hit me. It made me think and I started to...

“Do I hurt myself? … No Way…”

As a coach, I often ask my clients if they ever hurt themselves… Most of the time the answer is: “NO WAY”! But the reality is different…Most of the time we are the ones that hurt ourselves the most. And how do you think we do it?  It is very simple but complicated to...

Why is it so hard to love ourselves?

The human society is facing many challenges but currently the most problematic issue is a deep lack of love for ourselves. But don’t get alarmed! This is something normal knowing how our brains work. Our brain is programmed to keep us safe ad studies have shown that...

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