Why Sleep Is Very Important: A Neuroscientific Perspective

In our attempt to improve the quality of our lives, we often forget that the most essential things are the ones that truly count and deserve […]

CEO of Myself

Have you ever thought that you could own a business? A very important business that you have to take care of, nourish and make it healthy […]

Training on Leadership for Raiffeisen Bank employees

  On December 2016, Anila held a training for a group of Raiffeisen Bank employees. The training focused on the concept of Leadership and during the […]

“Do I hurt myself? … No Way…”

As a coach, I often ask my clients if they ever hurt themselves… Most of the time the answer is: “NO WAY”! But the reality is […]

My definion of what “personal development” really means

Often, I get asked about what “personal development” really means and if there is a clear definition for this discipline. In this article, I would like […]

People are always thinking about themselves, not about what you did

  We always think that people are thinking, talking and laughing behind our backs when we think of our mistakes or when something goes wrong in […]

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