“Beauty Inside Out”, open lecture for women entrepreneurs

On December 11th, 2017, Network of Albanian Women Entrepreneurs organized “Beauty Inside Out” event. Anila Bashllari was invited to give a lecture about stress management and to hold an interview with Mrs. Vasilika Selaj, founder and general manager of Swiss Line Albania.

During her lecture, Anila shared with the audience scientifically proven techniques and methods about how to avoid and reduce stress while being an entrepreneur.

While interviewing Mrs. Vasilika Selaj, Vasilika shared with the audience the challenges she has faced while growing her business. She also spoke about the pleasure of being a woman entrepreneur and what it takes to create a successful business.

Entrepreneurship is a challenging journey with difficulties and victories. It can become much easier if entrepreneurs seek help and advice from personal coaches or mentors.

The event was held at Xheko Imperial Hotel, in Tirana.

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