About me

Anila Bashllari is a personal and professional development expert / coach, currently based in Tirana, Albania. She has built a strong network of clients in Albania and abroad. Anila holds a PhD in the economic sciences and has a 30 year professional career. She has been in charge of various leading and consulting positions in the public administration in Albania, in international organizations and private companies.

She decided to start her career as a personal and professional development expert in 2003, and since 2012 she is a full time personal and professional development coach, mentor and consultant. Anila is part of the John Maxwell Group, certified as a professional coach and mentor and operates through her company “Beyond Limits”. Born and raised in Tirana, Anila is married and has a son. If you want to know more about Anila, read her full bio below.

My coaching philosophy

My personal experience and the commitment I show to my clients, my confidentiality and a deep communication between us, are key elements in my work that allow my clients to explore their journeys in a deeper and more fulfilling way. I tend to share every kind of information with my clients about their performance and how I see them in order to make it easier for them to know themselves and to fully dedicate to their transforming journey towards success. My clients start to believe in their potential and this has made me believe that everything is possible. My motto is: If I can do it, you can do it too!

I continue to be as much passionate as I was when I first started this journey, because personal coaching brings me an unexplained feeling of joy. It is wonderful to see how my clients transform themselves and their lives in a short time, when they first say “I wish I was this person” and then they finish the coaching sessions with a “WAW” expression. I consider personal coaching as a sublime experience, an experience where people get to know their unknown dimensions, their unexplored beauty that transforms into kindness, gratefulness and creativity. I get very happy to see their smiling faces that reflect self-confidence and the belief that “I can!”.

Full Biography

I was born and raised in Tirana city in a family that always gave unconditional love to me and my siblings. My early life was similar to the majority of Albanians at that time. I finished my university studies, I created a family and I started living a quiet life. My generation can imagine the same life stereotypes that characterized most of us during the communism period in Albania (1955-1991).

I started facing with life’s difficulties when I was appointed in job positions in different cities (in Lushnje and Gramsh cities), and moved to these cities together with my husband and my son, Keltin. We had to do all the daily chores apart from our daily jobs and sometimes I used to think I wasn’t prepared enough to face such difficulties. I always used to spend my time studying and reading but now I had to cook, iron and do daily chores. My son was my happiness and I really enjoyed spending time in giving him the right education. This has been one of the main priorities in my life, even why I’ve always been a busy woman in career and very engaged in my enriching my academic background.

We moved back in Tirana quickly because of the political transition of Albania during the 90ties and now I had to face the challenge of having to deal with new demands in my career, after five years of working in small cities. I have to admit that such work and life experience was a blessing for me, because it laid a strong foundation in me and made me stronger in facing the new challenges. I have always secretly believed that I will make it when facing challenges. I always thought I could make it, even in the most difficult moments.

This is how I started my long, 30 year career in the public administration in Albania, in the private sector and in international organizations in the field of SMEs, business legislation and supportive policies; in the strategic and managerial planning; in business consulting, human resources and staff recruiting for leading positions; sales and marketing; coordinator of different interest groups (government, business, associations, ect.), and other fields related to them.  I have always been very passionate about my work which has most of the times been engaging and stressing, that has not allowed me to dedicate the most of time to what was really precious to me: my family.

Due to the high stress level, in 2003 I started to feel ill even why all my medical records had good results, showing that I was healthy in every aspect. Many situations and events happened in my life during that period and I started to get close to the Asian culture and tradition, the way Asians thought and lived. I started to explore Yoga techniques, Qigong and Reiki, three different disciplines that aim to balance the four human dimensions (body, mind, emotions, and spirit). Despite all the work engagement, I started reading more and more books and materials on personal development, meditation and other disciplines.

When I think of my past, I start to connect the dots and I strongly believe that nothing happened by chance in my life. I believe that everything was part of that universal power that sets everything in motion, including me. My journey has had its ups and downs, in the spiritual aspect, in trying to know myself, the purpose of my life and my unique values. Today, I consider myself blessed for everything I’ve been through because it was what I needed in order to know my potential, to give and receive love for everyone and everything that surrounds us. I relieved just in the moment I discovered that Love is divine, it is a spiritual energy present everywhere and for everyone, accessible at any time, without barriers and limits – that exists freely everywhere, in a constant and eternal way. Love has been and it is present at any time in our lives, it exists despite our incapability to feel it.

I am an ordinary woman who lives a normal and similar life to yours, continuously in search of changing my inner self in order to have a better and more meaningful life. For about 11 years (starting in 2003), I studied the modern psychology also known as the “energy psychology”; neuroscience, neuroplasticity and epigenetics as pioneer fields in the human mind and behavior development; I have studied the system of beliefs as a barrier from the past and a step towards development; I followed the widely known masters in the personal development field, such as John C. Maxwell, Paul Martinelli, Brian Tracy, Brendon Burchard, Wayne Dyer, Anthony Robbins, Bruce Lipton PhD, Daniel Amen, Gregg Braden, Arianna Huffington, psychologists from Harvard University and many more others.

My continuous and intensive study expanded my knowledge and now I am being rewarded for all my efforts by the results I get when I work with my clients. I feel wonderful when I see my clients grow exponentially and for this I feel humbly grateful to them and the universe.

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