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What clients say about me

The coaching sessions with Anila were something new, interesting and very impressive for me. They made me feel very good, and I had many “AHAs” along the process. This has had a tremendous effect in my performance in the personal and professional life and I can say it is a valuable experience for everyone. I would highly recommend Anila as a personal coach…

Ledi, Tiranë

“I feel honored that I am given the opportunity to write a recommendation about Anila. The only way that I can start this recommendation is by thanking you Anila for the great work and the endless help you offered me. You have healed my body, my mind and my soul. In only three months of coaching-healing I regained myself, I confronted my fears and this allowed me know myself and my strengths. I deeply connected with my family members and I was able to feel happy. Now, my energy is higher than ever and my heart open to what the Universe can bring me. Anila, you are simply amazing!

Dear friend that might me reading this recommendation and may be in the first steps of asking for help… maybe what I said above is not enough to describe Anila’s values but I believe that there is a reason why you are reading this site and I hope you will feel the signals of “your inner you”. I wish you an interesting journey in discovering yourself. I wish you find healing and happiness as soon as possible.”

Xheni, Tiranë

Thank you for being a part of my life. The Universe knew what it was doing when we connected. Your powerful questions encouraged me to search deep within to find my own answers. Your explanations of processes and energy forces are very clear. Through your guidance I have experienced positive life changing events and growth.

You know how to use all of the tools in your kit to move a client to more positive emotions. Your guidance as a coach is invaluable. My gratitude for your friendship is immeasurable. I highly recommend Anila as a life coach. Her love for and service to others shines through.

Catherine, Canada

What I want to say is that I feel very, very grateful that I knew you in the moments I most needed help in my life. This recommendation will not be enough to show how coaching with you changed my life. I had found myself in confusion and everything I could feel were sadness and stress. During the months that we worked together I started to feel happy, I started to see the world in a different and more positive way. I discovered myself and what I really wanted to do in life, things that I had already forgot. Now I have the courage and the conviction to do what makes me happy… as you Anila often used to say, “I am like a boat that no matter the strong waves or wind, I follow the lighthouse by knowing well where I am going.”

I am very happy and things have started to change in my life, to direct me towards what I want to achieve. I am very convinced that coaching with Anila has been the most beautiful and valuable experience in my life. Words cannot describe the transformation you will experience during the coaching sessions. I wish you become part of the coaching sessions in order to discover your world.

Aurora, Durrës

Who is Anila? A pretty lady characterized by a beautiful behavior, a woman that starts a conversation with you in the most peaceful way: she enters in your world slowly, and you feel you are talking with yourself or with your childhood friend. You do not feel barriers anymore because you start to consider Anila as a person with whom you can share your deepest feelings. You start to articulate things deeply rooted in your unconscious; you get surprised from your own self.

You talk about your daily life and with Anila’s help you get to the heart of the problem. She starts talking and all the fears, the problems, the anxiety start to weigh less and less until you start leaving these fears behind you. This is what coaching is about; this is the sweet and spiritual “conversation” that I have had the luck to have with a noble lady like Anila. Coaching is a personal training, a life guide that Anila provides for you in the form of conversations / life teachings. I love you Anila, I am very grateful for everything you have done for me! I repeat and repeat:


Merita, Tiranë

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