seal quantumlogo1-e1462703813558Are you in the first steps of your career or thinking to climb some ladders? Are you successful, have you already created the family you wanted, are you living a good life but still you feel that something is missing? Do you feel that you can give more, that you deserve more but things aren’t going the way you want to? You are in the right place! I just want to let you know that you are much more powerful than you think you are. And that You Can Do It!

Success is just a step away, even though at this moment everything might seem impossible or difficult to achieve. Some never achieve success, some are partly successful but for a few people success can sometimes become an obstacle to move further. Only those people who really know what they want and are fully committed to achieve the goals, those who dare to, only they can reach success.

Which one do you want to be? Despite the repeated monologue in your head, I have to underline that success is just a step away. My clients are always ready to take the next step towards success, they are brave, they tend to explore beyond what they already know about themselves, they are open to change and success becomes part of their nature, part of their daily life.

“Most of the people die with their life songs unsung. Not my clients!

My clients are people who want to reach their full potential; they are aware of the challenges and feel ready to face their own biggest fears by taking important steps; they are passionate and engaged in achieving success. And, not to mention how fun the coaching sessions are! My motto is success, no matter in what field you are working on to achieve success and your goals.

The higher you climb, the more successful you are in your career or business, the less chance you have to hear the truth from people, even those very close to you. My duty as a personal coach is to tell you the truth even if sometimes it may hurt. I will help you explore your deepest personality corners, your fears, your barriers and the self-sabotage that are making your life look miserable. When we work together, you feel safe in an environment where you will totally feel secure and comfortable. Together we will be able to see and envision new perspectives and opportunities.  Everything I do is personalized, authentic and special – dedicated to my client!

I think different.

This is your moment!

I am fully aware of the fact that you want to have the best for you and your life. If we will work together, you will have a mentor and a partner that will support you during your journey. The integrity and confidentiality are my two main principles that define my work when coaching: I really take care of my clients; I commit to see their full potential which they cannot see for the moment; I believe in their abilities; I follow the principle “Do what I say” and I respect their time. As soon as you are aware of your potential and the strength within you, you will be aware of your uniqueness and creativity which then will easily manifest in your daily life.

What do I offer?

I continue to be passionate about the personal coaching sessions I hold with my patients, the mastermind groups I organize for successful people who want to explore themselves in order to know their limits, by using the latest and most efficient techniques. We can work together to give you a balance of the four dimensions (body, mind, emotions and soul) so we can set you free from past negative experiences. We will work in finding your real values and in increasing the efficiency and your productivity, the right components that will help you achieve your success goals, live in the present and have a fulfilling life.

Apart from coaching and the consulting sessions, I offer training for different management levels such as “Going the Extra Mile” course, “Influence to Lead”, “What you need to do to achieve success”, “Productivity and Efficiency”, “The role of brain for a high performance and guaranteed success”, “Emotional Intelligence and its role in our personal and professional life”, ect. My long professional experience has equipped me with the right skills to prepare and support today’s managers in order to help them create a more balanced life and be more efficient. I feel honored that we can travel together towards success, towards a better life and towards your personal transformation.

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