When you become part of a Mastermind group, you are surrounded by people who are committed, enthusiastic and bring a positive energy in the table. I am able to combine several Mastermind and brainstorming formats with education elements that aim to sharpen and improve your personal and professional skills. The Mastermind format will help you and your team to reach the set goals, by nurturing the process with new ideas and different perspectives.

The key benefits from a Mastermind group can:

  • Expand your experience and increase your self confidence
  • Improve your personal and professional abilities
  • Add new contacts and supportive people to your network
  • Give sincere feedback about your stage of growth, advice and ideas
  • Give you the opportunity to benefit from the skills and experiences of other group members
  • Help you to study the principles of Leadership, Effective Communication and Professional Growth within the group, to create an action plan and to have a network that supports and celebrates your steps in realizing your action plan successfully
  • Help you know yourself
  • Give you positive support from other members so you can adopt a positive stance towards life, events and challenges
  • Help you internalize a giving attitude: There are others except you!


Intentional Living


Intentional Living is a training format that teaches us how to live each day with full intentionality, how to improve our life in general terms, the way we feel and act, ect.

Nowadays, most of the people are very busy and don’t have time for anything and anyone. But, being busy doesn’t mean that you are automatically being productive. The same logic applies when we speak about being productive and living an intentional life. The fact that you might be productive doesn’t mean that you are living your life intentionally. “Intentional Living” training will teach you how to give value and meaning to your life.

How many times you have felt bad for something that you would have wanted to think, speak or act different? How many times you would want to turn back time to give yourself the right chance? And how many such questions do we ask ourselves? If you find yourself asking such questions, the right solution is “Intentional Living”.

The training is mostly appropriate to those individuals and groups who not only accept their lives as it comes, but they insist in making it better, they insist in realizing their dreams by adding real meaning to their and others’ lives. If you are in search of such training, of a journey that will change your life, let’s take this journey together and let’s start by small but important steps, through “Intentional Living”.

The training is based in the Mastermind Group format and is held for 5 weeks in a row (1 session per week, 90 to 120 minutes). Such trainings have no more than 10 to 15 participants.


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“Growth is a Marathon, Not a Sprint” training focuses in identifying the ways how the individual can grow in the personal and professional realms, what potential do humans possess in order to keep growing continually and how can people achieve such objectives. The participants of this training will be able to know more about personal and professional growth as a process and at the end of the training they will be equipped with the following skills:

  • Being self-consciousness that growth doesn’t happen automatically; the need for a specific plan and knowing how to take the right steps is inevitable
  • Learn how to reflect on their actions, a very efficient technique for controlling yourself
  • The development of many growth strategies
  • The connection between motivation and discipline – Consistency
  • Better knowledge about themselves and their potential – a defining step towards growth
  • The clear understanding of the cause-effect report and where do they need to focus for growing
  • The development of effective communication skills for a better team work … AND MUCH MORE!

The training is based in the Mastermind Group format and is held for 5 weeks in a row (1 session per week, 90 to 120 minutes). Such trainings have no more than 10 to 15 participants.


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Leadership is one of the most studied concepts by John Maxwell who has written more than 80 books on leadership. After studying it for decades, Maxwell is known for the famous quote “Everything rises and falls on leadership”. Studying about leadership as a phenomenon or a concept doesn’t mean that someone is aspiring to become the leader of a group. The training helps people to first develop themselves as leaders do, to know how to command and control themselves in order to build a better future and achieve all the set goals.

The main themes that will be discussed at the “21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” are as follow:

  • The difference between a manager and a leader. Which are the tendencies that define management and leadership?
  • The five levels of leadership
  • Why the level of leadership defines the level of efficiency?
  • The characteristics of a leader
  • Leadership is a process, it is not an overnight phenomenon
  • The fact that you are busy doesn’t mean that you will get good results

The training is based in the Mastermind Group format and is held for 5 weeks in a row (1 session per week, 90 to 120 minutes). Such trainings have no more than 10 to 15 participants.

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