Individual Coaching

We walk together

When you come at the coaching sessions, you probably have unfulfilling dreams that seem impossible to realize. But, we will together concentrate and try to achieve your goals, full of energy, motivated and engaged in our goals. The fears and doubts will very soon vanish and seem like an old legend. During the coaching sessions we become aware of how large our potential is, we learn how to eliminate our fears and blocks and in a short time we find ourselves in new dimensions, we see the potential we have to move forward and achieve what we want.

Together, we will be a strong team. You will share with me your story, and I will coach you based on the latest and contemporary techniques for a good balance of the soul-mind-body components. My purpose is to put you in the road of success by offering my entire professional experience, my knowledge and by sharing with you my true passion for this mission. You are wonderful and we will work together to unlock all these potential you already possess but don’t know yet. You are the real change and you are an extraordinary human being who is able to achieve the best for your life.

We will walk together, we will cry, laugh at our fears and mental barriers. Coaching seems like a hard challenge for many people, but it is always a challenge worth facing. You should always know that there are people who can notice and be aware of your full potential, there are people who trust fully in you and your abilities. If I can do it, you can do it too! Life is an everyday challenge but when we have the right mental preparation and mindset to face these challenges, we are always winners. It is up to you to take the first step and then we will walk together towards success!

Life Coaching

Career coaching

If you are trying to find the right career path or want to climb the ladders in your career, you are in the right place to receive all the answers for your questions, to defeat your mental barriers and your fears.

With a 30 years professional career in leading and managerial positions, I can assist you in developing your career plans and achieving the success you aim for.  If you are convinced that you want my assistance, you have to know that we should collaborate actively in order to define clear career goals, options and other elements that will make us take the right steps at the right time. The coaching sessions vary from 2 to 4 weeks. They are very well structured, measured and designed to answer to clients’ needs.

The Purpose of Coaching for Leading Positions

Individual coaching can apply to all people in leading positions and it is unlimited regarding its specifics. It aims to help professionals in exploring and expressing their potential, not only to give advice or teach several techniques that can effectively help them in increasing the efficiency. The coaching for leading positions aims to manifest a drastic positive change in the way a person sees herself or himself and the reality that surrounds her / him, aims to set a holistic balance (mentally, physical, emotional and spiritual balance) and to make the person able to live a dynamic and fulfilling life.

Coaching for leading positions is comprised of three dimensions: coach- the professional – organization. When a professional in a leading position in an organization, company or institution undergoes a personal growth transformation, she / he reflects this change at the organization as well. This type of coaching also focuses in the personal and familiar life of a professional, by bringing positive transformation.

Coaching 1:1 for professionals in leading positions consists in a structured and measured conversation which will bring benefits to the person and the organization where the person works. During the coaching sessions, together we identify the strong points and the challenges you might be facing. Together, we aim to increase the performance and to improve the leading skills and techniques, focusing on:

  • A clear vision (the definition of clear goals and objectives)
  • The right steps that will ensure a stable positive change of the person
  • The triangle of objectives: individual – results in the organization – long term personal development and growth

Coaching for leading positions

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