Why is it so hard to love ourselves?

  The human society is facing many challenges but currently the most problematic issue is a deep lack of love for ourselves. But don’t get alarmed! […]

Example: How to get out of your Comfort Zone

I will share with you the story of one of my clients that I helped to lose weight. Sara was overweight and struggled for many years […]

How fear creates our Comfort Zone

  Fear has two roles: to protect us from being hurt by letting us stay in the comfort zone, the situation that we are familiar with […]

What happens when the Wheen of Fear gets activated

Suppose that you are invited to a network event, where important and well-known people will be present. This would be a great opportunity for you and […]

How we create our own “Wheel of Fear”

Fear itself is simply an emotion. Then we label with different names, as described above. But the very simple way of fear recognition is through physical […]

We create our own fears

Courage faces fear and thereby masters it. Martin Luther King JR.   Can we take a look at the list of fears that others or ourselves […]

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