Why are you rushing for?

Most of the people rush every day… they rush to reach a destination, whatever it may be. Some are rushing to graduate, some are rushing to […]

15 Quotes From “The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth” Book

My clients know who John Maxwell is, especially those who have attended the “Growth is a Marathon, not a Sprint” training. They are now familiarized with […]

How to Communicate: The Triple-Filter test of Socrates

Socrates, one of the most prominent philosophers of all time gave the world a precious collection of advice, wisdom sayings and concepts that still can be […]

Stop lying to yourself!

I can’t do it! Even if I decide to do it, I don’t know how! I don’t have money! I don’t have time! I don’t have […]

The importance of Time; I am in love with Time

  “I have no free time”… “I am very busy”… “I have no time for anything”… These are the catchwords and the motto of many people’s […]

How to become more productive?

Nowadays, words like productivity, efficiency and effectiveness are what we hear the most and they mean almost the same thing. If we refer to dictionaries, the […]

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